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Mandala Studios , 1A Alma Road, Birkdale, PR8 4AN

Phone: 07801 861 616

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    Our life is like a Mandala

    a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the centre of our own circle,

    and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life.


    The goal at Mandala is never about the Pose but about the journey to getting there. It is about the whole experience.

    We understand though that sometimes taking the first step in often the hardest, so we have created a handy little list of FAQS to get yo started.

    • Once you’ve checked out our website and had a little look at the classes and packages on offer.
    • You can pre-booked through the website or glofox app – making it super easy to manage your classes.

    We know your time is valuable but try and get a head start and leave yourself  enough time to arrive and park at the studio. Parking is available outside the studio for up to 5 cars,  across the road and also on neighbouring roads ( restrictions do apply so please check where you park)

    Please try to arrive at the studio 5-10 minutes before the class starts to enjoy the facilities. Lockers are provided for all personal items like purses, phones and we encourage you to even leave your smart watches in there too!! So you can really enjoy switching off.

    The studio space is very special to us and we want you and everyone who enters it to feel safe and supported and apart of our growing community. We ask you to only take towels, mats and your drink into the room. Please leave shoes in reception downstairs and other items in the changing room.

    The studio allows a quiet space for relaxation, grounding and meditation before the class starts so please be respectful of this by catching up with your yoga besties in reception, in the community room, in the changing rooms or in the waiting room just outside the studio

    Please note; If you arrive more than 2minutes late for a class you may be locked out, this is for security reasons & to make sure we don’t run of schedule and to avoid disruption of the class so please try to be on time.



    What should I wear?

    Comfortable and breathable clothes that you are able to move around in are ideal for Yoga, especially if you are attending a hot yoga class be mindful that you are going to get sweaty. clients wear items such as leggings, cycling shorts, and sports tops.

    Which class are suitable for beginners?

    We all have been beginners. I truly believe that every time you come to the mat it should be like the first time. No matter how long you have been practising we encourage you to let go of the expert mind. Our teaching method is inclusive for everyone so please don't think as a beginner you can only go to the beginners class.

    Have a look at our classes and read the descriptions and go for which ever resonates with you.
    Soul Flow and Mandala we advise to have a few sessions experience as they move at a faster pace, and are hotter.


    How do you know what you will like?

    We have you covered with our introductory offers of
    1 week unlimited for £15 or a month unlimited for £48 you can try as many as you want and decide for yourself.
    We offer a huge variety as personally my practice changes depending how I arrive to the mat, sometimes I crave stillness and meditation sometimes I need Fast paced and racey. So a combination of practices serves me better.

    How do I book a class?

    All our classes are booked through our booking system provided by GLOFOX this is a available as a free downloadable app and makes it super easy for you to keep up to date with your memberships and bookings.
    You can find links to Glofox though our webpage or head to the book now section within the classes dropdown.

    Please note that lots of our sessions sell out or if numbers are lower than 4 most likely the session will be cancelled to ensure costs are covered. So please book to avoid disappointment.

    You are also able to cancel classes through the app. unfortunately if cancellation is later than 4 hours before the class a fee will be charged.


    What should I bring?

    We provide yoga mats, and blocks, and also straps so all you need to bring is water, a hand towel especially if attending a hot class and your lovely selves.

    I'm not flexible

    The amount of times I've heard this. Yoga is not about touching your toes but more about what you learn on the way there.
    Yoga is a brilliant practice to increase your bodies stability and mobility. Increase strength so that you'll feel the benefit of increased range of movement, this is also combined with all the incredible benefits for your nervous system.