Karma Kidz Teaching and Resources



karma kidz was created by Natalie back in 2013. After years of training professional dance crews and competing Natalie wanted to empower Children to be able to deal with pressure and stress.

Now we provide yoga and wellbeing sessions with in a number of schools with Teach trainings to be offered very soon.

Living in today’s world where stimuli is on overload and everything is high speed, fast hitting and high impact. The pressures of school and the added pressure from socials is A LOT!!!

This all means that it is so important for kids to have time to calm down and and relax and hey just be kids!Karma Kids classes are built around yoga postures, Brain flexibility, breathing and somatic relaxation techniques all woven together into exciting adventures, exploring the jungle, ocean dives and cosmic space journeys!

This is a fantastic opportunity for children to use their imagination through the adventures, and help stretch, strengthen, relax and focus their little minds and bodies in a friendly, fun and inclusive non-competitive atmosphere