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Slightly Heated

Mandala Flow


A full rounded practice incorporating breathing, standing, balancing and seated postures. Moving and exploring the mobility, flexibility and stability of your body. Poses are brought together to form one fluid sequence of movement guided by the fluidity of the breath.

Beginner friendly✔️ Stretch✔️ Relaxation✔️Warm✔️
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Slightly Heated

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that gives you the opportunity to surrender to stillness. This practice is based on Chinese Medicine so it has a profound healing effect on the body. It releases tension from your fascia, and energy blockages from your meridian lines which are connected to all the main organs and your main 7 chakras.

This class is perfect if you suffer with stiffness in the body or live a stressful and fast-paced life. Yin will give you the space to slow down, heal and go within. It is suitable for all abilities.

7:30pm  – Yin yoga from Edna
Beginner friendly✔️ Flexibility ✔️ Relaxation✔️Warm✔️
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No Heat

All AGlow Baby Yoga

We offer a Baby Spa Experience, 5 week Baby Massage courses and Baby Yoga & Massage combined courses, Baby Massage 1-1-‘s and courses for private groups.

My aim is to make you feel…well…All Aglow! All aglow with that warm and fuzzy kind of love between you and your little one, with connection to each other and in the knowledge you are teaching love to your baby in the best possible way…through nurturing touch.

You and your baby are in charge here. We follow individual babies cues throughout the sessions to ensure they are relaxed and happy. This makes for a great experience for both of you. During the classes you can do as much or as little as you’d both like.

TUESDAY- Private Book
9:30 am
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Somatic Flow & Sound Healing

Welcome to our Somatic Flow and Sound Healing Yoga class, where we embark on a journey of deep inner exploration and healing. This unique class combines the fluidity of somatic movement with the therapeutic power of sound vibrations to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.
In this session, we’ll begin by centering ourselves through gentle breathwork and meditation, allowing us to tune into the present moment. As we transition into somatic flow, we’ll move intuitively, exploring organic movements that release tension, unlock energy blockages, and cultivate a profound sense of embodiment.
Accompanied by the healing sounds of live instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, and drums, each movement becomes a dance of harmony and resonance. The vibrations permeate your being, guiding you into a state of deep relaxation and inner alignment.
Throughout the practice, our skilled instructors will offer gentle guidance and encouragement, inviting you to surrender to the wisdom of your body and the healing power of sound. Together, we’ll create a sacred space for self-discovery, transformation, and renewal.
Leave this class feeling nourished, revitalized, and deeply connected to the innate wisdom within. Join us on the mat for an unforgettable journey of Somatic Flow and Sound Healing Yoga.

Sound healing journey with Quartz Crystal bowls reiki drums and Koshi Chimes – Offering a soothing and therapeutic effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Allowing you to rest deeply. Please be aware that sound healing is a high vibrational frequency. Therefore, not suitable if you are highly sensitive to high pitched sounds.

6:15pm – Soul flow and sound healing with Natalie
Intermediate✔️ Endurance ✔️ Strengthening✔️  Hot ✔️
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SoulFlow (Starts 9th April)

Welcome to our Intermediate Heated SoulFlow Yoga class, where we blend dynamic movement with soulful connection to leave you feeling whole and rejuvenated. This invigorating practice will guide you through a series of flowing sequences, synchronized with deep, conscious breathwork to ignite your inner fire and release tension.
As the heat permeates your body, you’ll dive deeper into each posture, exploring your edge with mindfulness and compassion. Our experienced instructors will offer variations to challenge you while honoring your individual journey, encouraging you to find balance between effort and surrender.
Through this transformative practice, you’ll cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner peace, allowing energy to flow freely throughout your body and mind. Leave the mat feeling grounded, empowered, and connected to your true essence. Join us and experience the bliss of SoulFlow Yoga – where movement meets soul.
Intermediate✔️ Toning ✔️ Strengthening✔️ Hot✔️
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Mandala Pilates Morning flow (starting soon and heated)

Step on the mat and gift yourself some time before you start the day. A practice that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.  Beautiful meditative moves to involve slow, precise connective postures and breath control.

Beginner friendly✔️ Toning ✔️ Strengthening✔️ low heat ✔️
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Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala Vinyasa encourages you to explore. It is a dynamic flow where you’ll explore circular movements with your body, moving around all four corners of the mat in 360 degrees honouring the spiral patterns of nature and how nothing is perfect and straight.

Class begins and ends with a short Yin session so you’re able to “prepare” and “close” the areas of the body that we are targeting. This connects to the element that we are working with in the body.

Through class you as always decide how challenging you would like it with plenty of modifications as we

prioritising the breath to movement flowing in a conscious manner.

Perfect practice for those you have a regular vinyasa practice.


6:15pm with Natalie

Intermediate✔️ Flexibility ✔️ Stability✔️  Mobility✔️ Hot✔️

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Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga classes involve stretching the most commonly tight muscles, including the hip flexors, glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, and chest muscles and focusing on developing functional strength, mobililty and flexibilty through traditional yoga postures and sequences combining them together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This style is particularly beneficial for those who find it hard to relax and are experiencing a great deal of stress.
7:30pm with Alicia
Beginner friendly✔️ Core strength ✔️ Stability✔️ Hot✔️
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Deep Stretch

A morning yoga practice will help to get the blood, breath and muscles moving so you are ready and motivated to take on the day. A deep stretch practice to help you focus on building flexibility within the body. In these slower paced yoga practices we allow gravity to do the work as we ease into each pose.



10am – Deep stretch – Natalie

Beginner friendly✔️Stability ✔️ Mobility ✔️ Relaxation✔️  Warm✔️

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Flow and Let it go

This class ticks all the boxes.
Yin Yang & Yoga Nidra is a combination of two styles of yoga: Yin yoga and Yang yoga, with the addition of Yoga Nidra. It involves practicing both passive and active postures, allowing for an overall balanced practice.

We begin with Yin focusing on unwinding by holding poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues and promoting relaxation.
The Yang portion includes more dynamic movements, building strength and flexibility. This style of yoga is great for those looking to balance their practice and find harmony between the mind and body.

the big finale to prepare you for a wonderful nights rest with
Yoga Nidra. This is a sleep-based meditation, involving a guided meditation that helps you reach a state of deep relaxation while remaining conscious. It is designed to take you beneath the mind, deep into the consciousness.

Together, these styles of yoga provide an all encompassing experience with earned relaxation. All levels welcomed.

6:15pm Fiona
New time starts in January
Beginner friendly✔️Stability ✔️ Relaxation✔️  Warm✔️
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No Heat

Reset – Stretch and Cleanse

Stretch & Cleanse class guarantees a restful, calming class focusing on breath-work, gentle flowing movements, passive and supported poses.
For those looking to calm the mind as well as support a deep stretch practice to help you focus on building flexibility within the body.
During this hour you will tune into your own body and meet yourself where you are without judgement ready to take on your day,

9:30 am – Wake up and rise with Edna ( During February this will run at 10am with Natalie covering)
Beginner friendly✔️ Meditation✔️ Breathwork✔️  No heat ✔️
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Graduate Heat


Reiki and yoga go hand-in-hand. Bringing a positive shift in your awareness and helping to realign the chakras in the body. You will be guided through a series or chakra aligning postures in a strong and steady sequence. before receiving reiki energy as you soften in relaxation.

9:30 am – Re energise with Natalie
Beginner friendly✔️Reiki ✔️ Chakra Balancing✔️ Breathwork✔️
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Soothing Sunday Stretch

Indulge in tranquility with our Sunday Soothing Stretch class. Unwind and rejuvenate as gentle stretches release tension, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. Embrace the serenity of Sunday with mindful movements tailored to soothe both body and mind.
10am with Steph
Beginner friendly✔️ Mobility ✔️ Relaxation✔️  Warm ✔️
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Monthly Workshops

The ultimate way to experience different, styles, learn new techniques and find what lights you up.

From Rocket to Yin and harp we are super excited to host an array of incredible teachers and their knowledge to share with you.

Fridays or Sundays 
Calming✔️ guided meditation✔️ release stress✔️release anxiety✔️relaxing✔️
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Karma Kidz Yoga (pop up sessions running only)

Karma Kidz deliver fun story-based yoga classes for children 6-9yrs. Classes are built around yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques all woven together into exciting adventures, exploring the jungle, ocean dives and cosmic space journeys!
This is a fantastic opportunity for children to use their imagination through the adventures, and help stretch, strengthen, relax and focus their little minds and bodies in a friendly, fun and inclusive non-competitive atmosphere.
Themes used during the yoga sessions are mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.
4:30 am
4 block sessions 6-9yrs old
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Other Private Classe are available booking via the teacher!

Contact us OR ask about Private Classes at your next class!


Back and Joint Pain

ALI on Monday’s 9:30am

All AGlow

Jenny on Tuesdays 9:30am

Clinical Pilates 

Tracey on Wednesdays and Fridays 2:30pm

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